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Re: Vulcan sense of smell

I really dont see the problem or need for ENT bashing.

Archer states that it is Vulcan females. So the two main Vulcan characters we had up till that point were male. None of the other Vulcan episodes with female Vulcans had a smell comment, so what?

T'pol is serving centuries before those other Vulcans. She is also the FIRST female to be serving aboard a human ship. This Vulcan-Human relationship is in its infancy, just because the Vulcans are explorers it does not mean they snuggle up with every smelly humanoid they come across. In fact, they seem quite stand-offish and happy to observe from afar [unlike the human desire to set foot on every random planet, asteroid, moon...]

So for T'pol, a young Vulcan female, with limited experience of humans [and that seemingly in built Vulcan arrogance] it doesn't seem that out of place for her to make a comment regarding the smell. Certainly it is a more unusual situation for her than it would be for a 24th century Vulcan female, serving about a Federation starship, having graduated from Starfleet Academy on Earth.
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