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Re: Peter David comic book story

I have a question, if I may. What did David Arnold actually do that got him in Roddenberry's good graces and allowed him to achieve his exalted position? And what did this guy do for a living that allowed him to pay his bills while he did volunteer work for the franchise? California ain't cheap. And if he had so much power over Trek, how did his ass get cashiered when Rod died? Who ended up with the power? I guess that's four questions, but...

I know he was fired. But I don't know who fired him. I'm wondering, while Arnold ran the show and dicked people around, who was really in charge, and why those people allowed him to do what he did but then fired him after Gene died, if indeed those were the same people all along. And didn't he somehow find himself doing a lot of Trek stuff even after getting fired?
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