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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

1) Vektor, two to four more dorsal phasers to cover the dorsal aft section of the saucer like on the Ent-E would be good. :thumbsup:

2) I also don't see any aft phasers for the stardrive or ventral phasers on the engineering hull.

3) And what about phaser strips atop the nacelles, like on the USS Venture?]

4) You've got six forward torp launchers, but the aft coverage is nil?

5) Why do I get the feeling that this ship isn't going to be as long as the Sovereign or as wide as the Galaxy (given the height of the "main shuttlebay" behind the battle bridge)?

P.S. - Try to submit this to somebody who can add ship schematics for their online stories.
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