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Re: Classic Trek Wrongful Death Lawsuits

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Journey to Babel. Tellarite Ambassador Gav is murdered by an Orion spy. Naturally, Gav's family might have something to say about that, not to mention the Tellarite government due to lack of proper security with high profile passengers aboard.

In this case, the suit wouldn't be against Kirk necessarily, but against the Federation or Starfleet itself, plus a messy diplomatic situation.
At this point, what difference does it make if it was because of a Starfleet plot or was it because of a Vulcan out for a walk one night decided he’d go kill a Tellarite?
I never thought there were ''nights'' on the Enterprise. Off-duty hours, certainly. But no dimmed lights. That might explain McCoy's grouchiness.

Also, if one diplomat kills another on ship, or elsewhere, does Starfleet consider diplomatic immunity? Besides in BY ANY OTHER NAME anyhow? Not only was Rojan apparently never charged, he probably wrote a best-selling book about his experiences as well.
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