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Re: What Are You Wearing?

Why witches fly wrote: View Post
Too bad Inguana, I'd love to see that outfit.
I have another seminar later in the week and I will probably wear something similar again (different audience and different venue, so I don't risk a faux pas), I will try to get a decent pic.

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(he's 6'6 tall and a slim body, which doesn't correspond with sleeve length for some reason. Size M is good for him
Yowza. I wear M sometimes (depending on the fit). If my calculations are correct, 6'6" will make him almost 2 metres, so your M sizes must be quite a lot longer than ours!

Why witches fly wrote: View Post
We saved money so we could get him a jacket and a couple of dress shirts custom made. Which look awesome btw.)
Yeah, bespoke garments are usually worth the price.

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Today I'm wearing dark skinny jeans, grey/pink socks, my beirge/orange vans, a grey long sleeve and a brown checkered shirt with a short sleeve.
I love the short-sleeves over long-sleeves combination. But what I can say, I'm a man of the 90s!

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a grey empire waist top -- same name here, iguana!
Cool. I was not completely sure about that.

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As an aside, it is an interesting style: it is either extremely flattering or extremely unflattering depending on the garment, and you never know until you try it on whether you'll look slim and cute or pregnant!
No reason why you can't look cute and pregnant! (My partner used a lot of them when she was expecting. I was quite pleased.)

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Today, in a neat variation, I have been trying out various new spectacle frames, for new glasses, and chose two that I like. The lenses are being cut and fitted at the moment, although due to my specialist prescription I don't know when they will be ready.
No selfie today (I was just wearing a blue shirt and dark blue jeans, nothing memorable), but I managed to snap a (crappy) pic of my recent glasses (my old ones broke and fell off my face this summer during a seminar-- literally. I had to continue the lesson basically blind as a bat). The white interior side is pretty cool (and not too visually invasive when worn, people can only see a hint of that).

The lenses are also photochromic, which is a nice bonus (and they put them in free as a promotional offer). All in all, I am pretty pleased with them.

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