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Re: I am an amateur at 3D model building...

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i would be interested to see if you could do a ship of your own creation, from scratch, an amalgamation of Vulcan and federation design, what you have shown here proves you could pull this task off.
Thank you for the confident words.

Actually, I did do one kitbash that I nicknamed the U.S.S. Ridiculous. (The name on its hull actually comes from my Miranda class build of a ship called U.S.S. Revanche.)

The ship is an overarmed (I mean seriously overarmed) dreadnaught.

This is an old work. It is a kitbash of my Miranda and Constitution classes, when I used different textures. Generally, when I can remember, I always try to store the individual components of every ship I build as separate props so I can make different types of ships.

I also have made a collection of TOS era ships, many of them based on the old Franz Joseph Star Trek Technical Manual. I plan to retexture them soon. I have the classic Connie, the Federation tug, the Saladin class destroyer/scout, a TOS shuttlecraft (I even made a hangar deck for it), and the dreadnaught. I also plan on retexturing my Klingon Bird of Prey.

I've built models for Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica. I also have a ship of my own design, that needs serious retexturing.
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