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Re: First look inside the new Stellar Cartography

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But at any rate, if they can attack an asteroid at warp, presumably they can also attack a ship at warp using TMP-era tech.
That doesn't follow. A wormhole is basically a tunnel in spacetime; both the ship and the asteroid were travelling through the same tunnel, the same distortion. But two different ships at warp are in two separate distortions, warp bubbles separated by an expanse of normal, flat space where the speed of light applies. By all rights, it should always be impossible for two ships to fight at warp. Or rather, the leading ship should always have an insurmountable advantage, because it could fire a weapon backward through normal space and have it basically function as a mine which the trailing ship would run into, while the trailing ship would be unable to do anything at all to the lead ship.

I seem to remember some old books saying that only torpedoes could be used in warp combat because they had mini-warp engines. But too many shows by this point have shown ships fighting at warp with phasers, which makes no damn sense. I've thrown in some handwaves in my novels about ships needing to "synchronize warp fields" to fight with phasers, and I implicitly assume they're coming close enough to each other to merge their fields, but it's essentially nonsense.
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