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Re: Nostalgia of old tv sets

The boss of the house doesn't "like" technology and recoiled at the idea of something bigger than the 19" CRT when it started to fail. She doesn't want a TV that overwhelms a room intended for people to sit and visit. I managed to convince her to accept a 42" LCD standing on a tiny pedestal that once housed a DVD player. (Now it holds only an Apple TV.) With the top of the TV no higher than the back of the sofa, it is discreet. And we find it very comfortable for viewing—certainly much easier to see from across the room than that "tiny" CRT. The bonus of the low level is that one can sprawl on the sofa, or slouch in the armchair with a cat in one's lap. Mounting it higher than eye level while sitting is too much like sitting in the front row of the cinema. (Let me emphasize that for the young 'uns who grew up with multiplexes where the screen is barely any bigger than home TVs these days. Once upon a time, sitting in the front row was like trying to see the tower on the Empire State Building from the sidewalk below.)
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