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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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I think the Miranda in the DS9 battles has always been scaled to be about twice the overall beam of Defiant. The thing about the Operation Return battle that's tricky is that Sitak and Majestic overlap and swerve a bit while circling around Defiant before going boom.
That sounds about right, and agreed regarding the swervey fudgery of that shot. Indeed, most of the DS9 shots involve a large amount of fudgery. I shall have to spend more than a minute scaling these all together to determine some precise overall dimensions.

I've been scouring fleet images from DS9 just to see if there are any that scream "no" when it comes to an oversize Excelsior. Despite the fact that the version on there was scanned from the Jein model, there's nothing very conclusive. This shot in particular almost suggests a 600 meter Excelsior to be accurate; the one above the Defiant seems to be on roughly the same horizontal plane as the Galaxy in the upper right. Then again, we have gems like this where the Galaxy just right of center has a Miranda layered behind it that would have to be huge if accurate. So I'm not putting much stock into it.

I should also note that for my Excelsior, I scaled the deck heights to the narrower height of the saucer decks on the Enterprise TOS and refit. I recalled the narrow Enterprise-B decks of "Generations" and also thought that if the Excelsior was the point where decks got even more regular, it might make more sense for them to start off small, but really it's almost a matter of taste on my part.

I am a bit surprised no one questioned the irregular intermix shaft in the Constellation. This is my attempt to accomodate the vertical core with two rear-stretching tubes in "Peak Perfromance" while also maintaining the decentralized feel of my Constitutions. My notion is that the horizontal V tubes would reach back to the two deflection crystals. The Constellation would still have nacelle reactors.
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