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Re: 800th Episode - 2014 Christmas Special (Rumour's/Poss. Spoilers)

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Long wait, then we get mainly shit.
I enjoyed most of them.
Aye, none of them have been remotely near as bad as say Fear Her, Love & Monsters or 42. Hell even Rings of Akhaten has grown on me.
Those were exceptionally bad RTD episodes though. But Moffat has done more bad episodes than RTD. And 42 wasn't that bad. I remember quite liking it on first viewing. And Rungs of Akhaten? You're joking right? That was just pure shit.
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^ Me too!
Me Three.

The Pirate one didn't do much for me, and the one with the little boy and the freaky dolls (The male version of Fear Her). But, I like just about every other Smith episode. Victory of the Daleks and Rings of Ahkaten I didn't think much of first time around, but, I've come to dislike them a little less since my first viewing.
I was the opposite with Victory. On first viewing I thought it was okay. But in later years I've grown to hate it. And Akhaten is just bad all round.

I really should review all the episodes at some point.
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