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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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Whoever they aimed it at originally, Arnold was still essentially telling fans what's official Trek and what isn't (something I don't believe Abrams' team have done, beyond parroting "only what's on-screen is canon"). I'm not saying it's right or wrong for them to have done so.
If I understand the history correctly, Arnold was/is a bit of an interesting character when it comes to his role in the franchise.

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Uhura was flirting with Spock, and he was in the mood to play along (both literally and in the sense of camaraderie - or maybe it was just that Leonard Nimoy had trouble keeping a straight face during the song?). I maintain that they had a properly respectful professional relationship, and a respectful friendship (since they share an interest in music, that makes sense). At no time would I expect to see Original Spock and Original Uhura kissing anywhere, never mind in public, or while on duty.
That's your interpretation. And it's a valid one -- but so is the interpretation of Orci and Kurtzman that it's perfectly possible that the two were in a relationship.

My point was, that relationship wasn't some crazy thing they threw in there out of nowhere -- there's evidence in TOS to support the notion, primarily in "Charlie X" and "The Man Trap."
I've not seen anything in terms of the characters backstory that was created completely from vapor in the Nu-Trek movies. Like it or not, we should at least be grateful that the Nu-Trek team put in the effort to research the EU to fill in the gaps left by the shows and movies, rather than just pull something out of their ass. Hell, they could have made a campy "homage" to Star Trek (think the 1980s Dragnet comedy film) instead of telling a serious sci-fi film.
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