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In fact it sounds like the Klingons weren't that interested in the area at all either.
Well the Klingon Empire was interested enough in the area to fight the Romulan Empire for it, and win it in battle. Prior to 2270 the area was the Romulan's, when they acquired it (and from whom) is unknown.
And yet in the 2150s it was in the general area of Klingon space with no mention of Romulans at all. (and don't try the humans wouldn't know much about the Romulans defense because it was a Klingon database on a captured Klingon ship)

It's impossible to say if the area was unclaimed when the Baku party arrived, it might have been, or the Romulan could have held it at the time, or another interstellar power perchance.
The lack of cloaked mine fields or other anything else the Romulans would use to show they control an area indicates otherwise not to mention again the lack of mentioning the Romulans in the Klingon database from "The Augments"

Would the Baku have expended any effort in ascertaining the exact disposition of the "property" they settled upon? It seems unlikely they would have tried to, it might have advertized their presence.
I'm pretty sure they would know if an area belonged to the Romulans the very minute their ship exploded from a cloaked mine or when a Romulan ship decloaked to shoot them considering how territory conscious they've been in the past.

Not to mention I'm pretty sure the Klingons would have for the third time mentioned a Romulan claim in the area in their database entry.

Instead all we get is something that sounds like a lack of interest on the Klingons part in the general area, considering how much of a pain in the ass holding the area would be it seems likely they might not have been that interested.

Hell they probably only fought the Romulans for it so they didn't decide to go after something they did care about plus the possibility of the Romulans using the area to sneak attack them.
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