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Re: "Personal Relaxation Light"

I've always thought that was the best visual connection to the term (the moment I heard Picard say it actually) and just "made it so" in my mind thereafter. I hate that they got rid of them in Generations (at least the ones between the view ports- the wall separator was just deactivated), but then again they did totally destroy the ship, so... meh

After looking at some images I've collected over the years I forgot how many colors they came in, Everything from varying shades of blue (most common) and a very boring white to pinks and lavenders (also very common)... Orange also came up quite a few times though red and green were less routine. Voyager had a very similar, though much narrower, framed feature in their exterior cabins near the view ports, but also sported a distinctly different lighting structure, all built into areas of the interior cabins. Also displaying a wide spectrum of colors over several episodes, they appeared to be translucent panels with a grid like texture, and featured multiple, vertical, parallel emissions of light behind them. Long but narrow Lucite or Plexiglass "tabs" with inset curves carved out of them were set perpendicular to the panel behind the light sources. In the bathroom/dressing areas these worked great, but more often they were seen mounted above the beds at a slightly acute angle. Stretching across its width like some exotic headboard, they actually looked a little dangerous at times.
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