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Nostalgia of TOS on VHS!

In a thread where we're discussing watching TOS on old TV sets, it got my memory going (along with a box from my parents' house) of TOS when it was on VHS.

Now, I don't mean the mid-1980's releases of TOS (which were insanely cool!), but when Paramount had released TOS in a five-volume set! When my parents brought this box over, those were in the box! I remember watching these over and over and over, and when I popped them into the VCR a few nights ago (yep, I still have 2 VCRs!) my first reaction was how terrible the transfer was by today's standards.

But, in watching further, I remember how this was the only way I could have a fix of TOS whenever I wanted, before I started taping episodes off WPHL on Saturday nights.

Then, around the time of TWOK, a special VHS edition of "Space Seed" had been released, with the trailer for TWOK before the episode!

I love that period of my fandom in Trek! The posters for the five volumes, saying, "Paramount is Going Home Again" for those, all that stuff is so cool to me!

Anyone else have a similar nostalgic feeling about this?
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