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Re: Just Completed NuBattelstar Re-Watch

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And there were the coordinates to earth which led to a very cool scene.
That's a pretty big example of "God did it!" The whole series has been about the search for Earth and when they finally did, it was by coordinates magically given to someone earlier in life. Starbuck may have typed in the notes, but the clear implication of the episode is that was God's doing and all the suffering and pain that happened was so he could get them to this point where they could find our Earth and he could repeat the cycle of suffering all over again.

The central dilemma of the series was solved by... God. "God did it!" is an entirely fair accusation to make about finale.
Sure, but who cares?

In a finale where Roslin and Adama share a poignant and heartbreaking final moment, who seriously gives a toss about the machinations of the plot? BSG always subordinated plot consistency for character development and that mindset served it quite well.

In any event, the show remains one of the best of the last decade and probably the best scifi to grace the small screen. Its reputation is quite secure.
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