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I'm currently very hot about the X-Wing miniatures game from Fantasy Flight.

Comparatively easy rules with few details (but after a few games you should have them down), awesome movement rules and well affordable.

The miniatures themselves are some of the best prepainted.. they look awesome straight out of the box, are not that expensive (about 10 bucks per fighter, a little bit more for the big ships like the Millenium Falcon).

It's also got an underlying complexity when you start playing with self designed squadrons (a 100 point standard game has usually 3-4 ships per side, more if you go low cost/low quality fighters) and upgrade cards which can totally change the game and tactics required.

I can really recommend that game.. startup cost is 30 bucks for the start set (1 XWing and 2 Tie Fighters) and you can play it on any decent sized kitchen table.

And who doesn't like to make Tie Fighter shooting sounds when he's chasing an X Wing through an asteroid field?
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