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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I just listened to's TrekLit podcast featuring an interview with DRG3 regarding R&D. It was actually quite informative and gave me a couple of new perspectives to think about.

It's available here -

Basically, he said that the assassination of Bacco was their analogy to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the event that is popularly blamed for beginning World War I. The story they wanted to tell was one about how the people react when faced with such a public and high-profile death. Comparisons to Kennedy and 9/11 were also made.

Regarding Kira's storyline, which I had my problems with myself, he said he had several goals. The replay of "Emissary" wasn't just for the sake of it but to honour DS9's 20th anniversary by referencing where it all began. But also, it wasn't just a pure replay because the Prophets were trying to impart some information to Kira by showing her that. (Not entirely sure what that information is yet - reread required.)

A connection was also made between what Sisko went through in "Emissary" - a very personal loss and the question of how to get past it - with the very public loss the Federation is now facing. Perhaps the Prophets showed Kira the story of Sisko coming to terms with his loss so that she could then use that to help the rest of the Federation deal with theirs.

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I thought that was a fine place to leave Yevir's story. I don't feel like it's aching for a follow-up. Cool to see if he ever does appear, sure, but I'm not upset.
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That's my thought too. His arc was growing from a character of religious intolerance to one of religious tolerance. There's no better place for him to go than where he went; even becoming Kai would seem to be a step backward considering I think that's what he wanted in the beginning anyway.
I found a use for him in my DS9 Season 10 stuff, if anyone cares.

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