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Re: Novels set in the Trek universe... but not about Star Trek?

When I ran out of Trek novels at one point - and having loved Alan Dean Foster's TAS adaptations, including "The Slaver Weapon" - I suddenly realised that Larry Niven's "Ringworld" was a science fiction novel with a kzinti in it! It didn't take a lot of imagination to integrate this adventure as occurring in the Trek universe.

A few months later, "Ringworld Engineers" turned up as a new paperback, and I delved back in! And I gave a little cheer the day I noticed that Ringworld was marked on the chart in "Star Trek Maps".

Not quite what you were seeking, but...

There's also an Australian YA novel, "Rain May and Captain Daniel" (2002) by Catherine Bateson (US title: "Stranded in Boringsville") about a young fan of TNG.

And don't forget "Night of the Living Trekkies", complete with an incredible book trailer.

Is it time to share these again?
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