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My opinions are fairly well supported by my arguments.
Your arguments consist of unsupported dictums, straw-men and rhetoric.
For example:
You really need to read up law 101 - the law of a state applies to events happening in its jurisdiction, even if it's not invoked the second the events happen. This law is binding to other states who recognised the first as legitimate - it's irrelevant whether the latter states existed or not when the events took place.

Adverse possession requires, beyond public possession, the exercise of this possession for a period of time (at least decades). Plus, other conditions.
No adverse possession for Cestus III. Or for the Briar patch.

'Insurrection' expressly stated the baku were actively hiding in the Briar patch. Dougherty said the planet is the federation's (and was not contradicted by Picard, who would have contradicted any statement contrary to fact/law). Everyone mentioned how the particles will help BILLIONS.
But, because they destroy your argument, you pretend these canon statements don't exist, yes? And you actually claim your opinion is supported by 'arguments'. lol.

I would go on with listing your so-called 'arguments' were it not obvious you would just come with a different batch of dictums/straw-men/etc.

Whether they are egoist elitists or not does not change what is right. And violating anyone's rights, whether it's 1 person or a billion people is never right, no matter how many people you think you can help.
You must really hate eminent domain.

As for the rest - there are other opinions. For example - a 'moral code' such as the one you're advocating, that allows for so much suffering and death to occur and calls this 'moral' does NOT deserve the name 'moral'.
It reminds me of those religious fanatics who came with ~'Kill them all. God will know his own' during the dark ages.
Who cares about inflicting unfathomable suffering and death when you can say you followed the 'moral' - or religious - rule to the letter, yes, grendelsbayne?

Unless my computer search function is broken, the word doesn't appear at all in the ENT mention of the Briar Patch and only appears in one conversation in Insurrection, where Picard and Dougherty are discussing the potential for technology to empower thugs.
For this discussion, irrelevant, though.
From the premise 'every non-suicidal political entity scans the systems it allows to enter within its borders', it follows the briar patch was claimed by an alpha/beta quadrant power before it got trespassed by the baku. Afterwards, it got transferred to the federation - either directly or through a chain of intermediaries.

So, it would seem, unless you have another source for the Briar Patch's provenance, that you are the one inventing your own facts with the repeated claim that the Patch clearly belonged to the Romulans when the Baku settled there.
Really? You actually come with such a statement in a post filled with facts you invented in blatant contradiction to canon? After admitting you barely even remember 'Insurrection' whose minutiae you were discussing?
Your statement is quite amusing - unintentionally, of course.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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