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I am an amateur at 3D model building...

Hi, folks. Friendly neighborhood Martok2112 here.

I always joke that when I am not busy being a rock star at The Famous Door on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA, I am a bona-fide geek!

On my off time, I like to dabble in 3D modeling and animation. I have built tons of models, but to say that they are models means that I built the components in Blender, and converted them for use in a program called iClone 5.5. PRO.

The one model I'd like to show off is my take on the K't'inga class Klingon battlecruiser from ST:TMP. She's far from perfect, and yes, I took a few minor liberties here and there...but, even for my amateurish efforts, I'm pretty proud of how she turned out.

I hope you will enjoy these images. I have videos up on my YouTube channel (Martok2112) of this ship, but they are earlier builds. I plan on doing some more shoots with this current build.

Anyhoo, without further ado...

She's ready for an honorable nozh scrap!

Tryin' to sneak up on 'er, eh?

A little mood lighting.
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