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Re: Happy 12th anniversary, Enterprise!

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I still think that song would have been great for the opening credits like they had planned (as discussed in another thread) ...stinking WB and Smallville beat them to the rights though...
I wouldn't have minded if they had just did a guitar solo version of the theme song. Reworking a Rod Stewart song, and then not even getting Rod Stewart to sing it, definitely was not the way to go. But people who stop watching a show because they don't like the theme song missed out on some good Star Trek. Especially later seasons. And I am also one of those who lament we didn't get a season 5.

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I'm not ashamed to say I was one of those who didn't find ENT very 'Trek'. Those boilersuits? Ugh.

How wrong I was
I actually found them the most functional of all the Trek uniforms. Forbid the concept we'll need pockets in the future.
Not to mention it basically what Zephram Cochran wore in FC.
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