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Re: Just Completed NuBattelstar Re-Watch

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Rambling monkey jibberish leading up to a deus ex machina "God did it!" ending that has killed the show's reputation.
To be honest, I never quite got the "god did it" argument. What exactly did he do? There were two angels - Head Six an Head Baltar. They tried to prepare Six and Baltar for parenthood (Hera), a storyline that was ultimately droped in the last minute, because the actors of Helo and Sharon did not want to see their characters die. That's a bit lame, but I can live with it.

And there were the coordinates to earth which led to a very cool scene.

And, oh yeah, the asteroid that hit Racetracks raptor at the right moment. Okay, that's... over the top, but not that big deal.

The characters still had free will. It's not as if the face of a white-bearded man appeared in the CIC and said: "This Battlestar of yours, could it carry my wisdom beyond the barrier?"
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