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Re: The Improving the JJprise thread

This is My take on an new Movie Refit Enterprise:

As you can see; it incorporates elements from the OS, Phase II; Refit and the JJprise Enterprises. A friend of mine did this for me, as I don't have the skills; nor programming necessary to do this.

I just sent him links to the pieces I wanted in the design, and the color scheme, and he did the rest.

The bridge module and warp nacelles are taken from the OS Enterprise; while the saucer section is taken from the Classic Movies Refit, and the secondary hull; neck, and nacelle pylons are taken from the Phase II design; yet the navigational deflector dish is taken from the JJprise.

As for the plasma vents on the nacelle pylons; those too were taken from the Classic Movies Refit Enterprise.

The color on the nacelles' ramscoops is blue on purpose; as that is another tribute to the Classic Movies Refit Enterprise. As for the impulse engines; well I found an design on for an possible 3rd upgrade refit of the Refit Connnies, and decided to incorporate those into the design because they had the combined OS/Refit look I was going for; for my Enterprise....

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