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Re: What Are You Wearing?

Too bad Inguana, I'd love to see that outfit. I like that look a lot on guys, I tried to get my husband to wear it, but it's hard finding that style in his size. (he's 6'6 tall and a slim body, which doesn't correspond with sleeve length for some reason. Size M is good for him, except he needs the sleeves of a size XXL and their still a little short. We saved money so we could get him a jacket and a couple of dress shirts custom made. Which look awesome btw.)

Today I'm wearing dark skinny jeans, grey/pink socks, my beirge/orange vans, a grey long sleeve and a brown checkered shirt with a short sleeve. The shirt is another find in my own wardrobe, I bought it during my early teens (one of my first 'grown up' cloths) and didn't really liked it, but always had it laying around. A couple of years ago I rediscovered it and now I wore it to the point that I should probably throw it away, it's getting washed up. But I like it so much, I can't part from it.

I don't care for my hair today. I need to wash it but since we won't be able to use the bathroom for 2 days I'm washing my hair tonight instead of in the morning.

ps: I'm aware I always hold the camera in front of my cloths, I always forget until I see the photo's on the computer and than I'm too lazy to get a new one. but you get the general idea
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