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Of course there is unlikely to be room for fuel or a warhead when what looked like well over half the internal volume was taken up with something that is not supposed to be there.
As Franklin suggested Khan may have been involved in developing the torpedoes. This opens up the possibility that the torpedoes could have been made smaller but were made the usual size with redundant fuel cells or other ways of providing excess internal space.
Khan had to know he needed some kind of plan to save himself and his people. He knew not to trust Marcus. As soon as he wasn't useful to Marcus any more, he and his people would be dead. (After all, if the shoe had been on the other foot, that's probably how Khan would've played it.)
Oh sure, Khan needed a plan. It's just a question of how practical this one was. It's a given that Marcus would be keeping a pretty close eye on Khan if Khan is involved in developing weapons for him. That presumably is how he discovered Khan's plans. So over-specing the torpedoes, or developing a breakthrough miniaturised propulsion system (to allow more room) are the sort of things Marcus would likely hear of. So I guess we have to assume Marcus agreed to an over capable missile for general purpose use, rather than one optimismed for the Klingon mission. Particularly as they built 72 of them when a handful would do the job. Granted Marcus must have had a different plan if Khan hadn't gone rogue.

However to me, having Marcus decide to keep Khan's crew in the torpedoes seems to be a plot-hole since the limited benefit of disposing of them in this fashion is outweighed by the potential for disaster (made worse by getting Kirk to be his delivery system). They appear to be there solely for the benefit of the plot.
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