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Re: First look inside the new Stellar Cartography

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Wasn't the Orion ship in "Journey to Babel" making attack runs on the Enterprise at warp speed as well?
Yes. There was a fair bit of warp speed combat in TOS... in The Ultimate Computer, M-5 always accelerated to warp 4 before beginning its attack runs, IIRC. But Christopher mentioned he was specifically referencing a dearth of warp combat in the movies.

It's not combat, per se, but the Enterprise did fire torpedoes at warp against the asteroid in TMP. (And Kirk originally ordered phasers, so presumably he didn't see an issue with firing them at warp either.) Obviously an asteroid wouldn't have warp drive itself, but I'm not clear on whether it was travelling at superluminal velocity due to being stuck in the wormhole or something. But at any rate, if they can attack an asteroid at warp, presumably they can also attack a ship at warp using TMP-era tech. I just don't know if there's any limiting conditions, eg- target must be FTL, target must be sublight, etc...
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