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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

Literally the only good thing about season 6 is the final scene... which just as easily could've happened at the end of season 5 if the writers didn't have Deb be a moron for no good reason. Then we could've skipped that travesty of a season (which I still consider worse than season 8) gone straight into the events of the halfway decent season 7, end things with Deb killing Dexter instead of LaGuerta (or some other series finale type conclusion) and the show would've gone out on a fairly high note, with only two mediocre seasons (3 and 5) and no bad seasons (6 and 8) *sigh* If only...

Anyway, I'm halfway through rewatching season 2 now. Not quite as good as season 1 (I'm not too fond of the Lila and Rita stuff) but the noose-tightening of the Bay Harbor Butcher storyline is great fun. A shame they did it so early in the show's run, though. Should really have been held back as a final season storyline.
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