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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Alright, I've revisited the scaling a bit. I decided that what this project began with was the notion of scaling models to their windows. To that end, I decided to throw out any artificial size ratios, which I used to obtain the previous diagram.

Here's what I ended up with so far. Click for enbiggenment.

Here are some tentative figures based on above:

Galaxy 2532px / 641 m
Excelsior 2364px / 598 m
Enterprise refit 1372px / 347 m
Enterprise TOS 1312px / 332 m
Miranda 1092px / 276 m
Constellation 1320px / 334 m

These are roughly scaled to one another. I established deck heights through an admittedly convoluted means. I began with the TOS Enterprise, aligning decks based on window rows. I then applied this scaling to the refit. Part of my thinking makes use of a combination of Shaw's notion of hull pressure compartments combined with Nob Akimoto's notion that Excelsior was the first starship with a truss-integrated structural integrity field. So, the refit would actually retain nearly identical deck structure to the TOS refit process. (The refit would be accomplished by separating the various main assemblies of the hull pressure compartments, rebuilding and refurbishing them, and reassembling them, allowing the reassembled components to retain the same core elemnts but have a strikingly different appearance.)

Using the TOS and refit Enterprise, I was then able to scale the Miranda and Constellation. I left out the Oberth, temporarily, since it's a separate scaling not really related to anything on the above. And the Excelsior retains her scaling from my window analysis.

So basically official sizes are scuttled, but they're not as big as before. The Constellation to me looks pretty comparable to how the Stargazer/Hathaway looked next to the D. The two Enterprises are bigger, but still comfortably smaller. The big Excelsior is kind of an oddball, but I'm really finding myself wanting to put a Defiant next to her. Despite her dubious size, I can't help but wonder how it would look versus the Lakota/Defiant shots...

Thoughts overall?
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