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Re: Khan the most dangerous enemy of the original crew?

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Fine Enterprise is the only ship in the sector--why the Enterprise is hanging around on a training cruise in a sector that has both a top secret research lab and Kirk's old girlfriend, who knows, but it is. Starfleet should have figured out something was up and sent out an extra ship or two to back up the Enterprise. "Could be nothing, garbled communications"...from your top secret research lab that's building a super torpedo that reformats planets. I think that's worth sending a cruiser or two to back up the outdated training ship full of cadets.
Actually, Regula-1 was a civilian laboratory, and there was nothing "top secret" about it. The work they were doing there was a secret, but only because Carol Marcus didn't tell anyone but Starfleet what they were up to (in a request for funding) and Starfleet didn't go blabbing it to everyone willy-nilly.

It would be like getting an angry phone from call an antarctic research base about somebody messing around with their polywell experiment; the commander who gets the job of investigating it winds up using a google search to figure out what a "polywell" actually is.

Kirk defies all common sense, even after a junior officer tells him they should raise shields; to top it off Spock calls her down on it. The Enterprise crippled, a lot of the TRAINEE crew wounded, power failing, Kirk decides to continue on to Regula instead--oh I don't know--hauling ass to a starbase or getting out of jamming range and getting a squadron chasing down Khan.
That's his style, dude. He did the same thing against Nero. And it worked -- both times.
Regula - Again, makes no sense. Starfleet knows what they're building, know what it could do, send a trainee ship with no back up. It's more akin to the someone at the Manhattan Project calling Washington DC with a garbled call about someone demanding they hand over their research and Washington shrugging it off as a bad phone line.
Actually, it's more like the lead researcher at CERN leaving an angry/garbled message on his ex-wife's answering machine and the Navy deciding to send somebody to see if he's okay.

Remember, Genesis was INTENDED for peaceful purposes and technically it isn't even Starfleet property.

Fine Enterprise is the only ship in the sector, but you send another cruiser or two to back up and make sure your plantary WMD is safe.
You're right, they should have contacted the next nearest ship in the sector and sent it over to help Enterprise in case the situation got out of hand.

What WAS the next nearest starship, by the way?

And we're still have no reason for Kirk to be cruising around Carol's neighborhood.
I thought they were cruising around the Sol system and Regula just happened to be relatively close to Earth.
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