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Re: Once Upon A Time Season 3

I thought this was a good episode. We got some interesting stuff with the Emma and Co. and Rumple. I've liked the arc of Emma having to accept who and what she is, and we got some good movement on that front here. They said before the premier aired that Neverland would force the characters to confront their pasts, and we definitely started to see that here. Apparently this stuff with Rumple and his father will be an ongoing thing at least for a while, because his father will be appearing later in the season.
I do agree that the flashbacks for this one were kind of meh. I understand what they were going for with the thematic link, but the storyline itself just felt unnecessary. It didn't really tell us anything about Snow that we didn't already know. It looks like next week's flashbacks will be a lot more interesting.
I wonder if we'll ever get any flashbacks for Aurora, Granny or any of the other Dwarves? They've all been in several episodes, but we really don't know much about their histories outside of how they relate to the other characters.
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