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Re: TF: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack - Review Thread (Spoilers!

Wow. Great read.

Easily the best Trek book this year. And Una McCormack's second-best. (Still hard to top "The Never Ending Sacrifice.")

When I finished this book, I did something I've never done with a Star Trek book before. I flipped back to Page 1 and I started reading it a second time. It was that good.

This one had 2 plot twists that took me completely by surprise. The first was Blok really being Glynn Dygan. The second was Garak's "death" - though that one I kind of wondered about, since it said his car blew up but not that he was inside it.

Still, for a few chapters I really thought that Garak was dead. (Wonderful thing about the ongoing continuity is the real sense of jeopardy it creates for the characters.)

Since I am a huuuuge Garak fan I really got a kick out of this one and where he ended up. As usual Ms. McCormack has a wonderful grasp on her Cardassians and Garak in particular.

Anyhow I gave this one an outstanding. Very nicely done.
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