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Re: Toughest Star Trek Species

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Humans have their moment but they lack in strength when it comes to big battles. At Wolf 359 they were massacred and they wouldn't have taken back DS9 without the Sisko. In most situations it came down to our hero ships and we've seen the destruction of those ships (other than miracle Janeway). In a full scale war, without alliances, I don't think Starfleet would make it.
This analogy somewhat confuses power or might with toughness. If I challenge a ten year old kid to a fight and win then I would not be considered tough. I would be considered a bully. If that ten year old kept getting back up and kept coming at me no matter how many times I knocked him down then I would consider him tough. See what I mean?

Starfleet has continuously stuck around in battles against horrible odds and even no win situations. That shows more toughness then a bunch of mindless drones scooping out planets from orbit or some supernatural entity screwing around with "mortals."
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