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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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Lynx will now appear!

Yes, Fury is like the Batman spotlight for Lynx.

And I'm not into Janeway, sorry.

But seriously... how narrow minded are some people about being promoted? You're stranded years away from home and of all the things Kim has to bitch about, he's whining about his rank?

It doesn't matter when there's no higher -positions- to go with the rank. Janeway was right to keep everyone in their positions. You can be freaking Captain and it doesn't matter if everyone else on the ship are a bunch of admirals except you all look silly with your play ranks. The only two people she promoted was Tuvok... I think mainly to make him undisputed third in command, and Paris... after she made her point about launching a terrorist attack is bad. Or to just piss Harry off, both are valid reasons.
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