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Re: What Are You Wearing?

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A couple of different links. One is bound to work...
It is beautiful.
I don't want anyone on me that is more handsome than myself. Wait, that didn't come out good...

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Dark blue skinny jeans, stone washed tunic/dress thing (that I got for a great price, but had to make some alterations on because they had only a large left and it was way too big for me -- I think it turned out pretty cute, though),
Nice tunic. I like high-waist dresses and shirts. Here it's called "Imperial waist", since it was the fashion at the time of Napoleon.

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Grey dress pants, purple and black checkered dress shirt.
I'm liking this.

Today I gave an evening lecture on quantum physics (one of a series of popular science meetings in my city), so I gave my best impression of an old-fashioned young physics professor: light blue shirt, yellow tie, brown sweater, light brown sport jacket (with elbow patches!), dark blue jeans, brown sneakers, light brown flat cap. Unfortunately no selfie, but I looked like I came out from a documentary on Oxford in the 60s.
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