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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I saw his decision not to tell the DEA as motivated by embarrassment and pride rather than vengeance. The only reason it was important to him to bring Walt in himself was because he had previously made Walt his confidant in his entire investigation and he didn't want to make that walk of shame.
I said it was because of pride. If it wasn't for this flaw, Steve Gomez would be alive and Marie would have someone coming home to her every night.

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One was ... ruining people's lives, the other was not.
Hank outright says he doesn't care if Jesse lives or dies or is harmed by Walt as a part of Hank's manipulations simply because he's a junkie. How are Steve Gomez's death and Jesse's year of hell not lives ruined as a direct result of Hank's vendetta?

No one is saying or has said Hank and Walt are moral equivalents in terms of what they've done; of course Hank didn't do anything coming close to poisoning an eight year old. What is equivalent between them is the source of their flaws, their choice to take dangerous risks in order to get the credit rather than be impotently humiliated.
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