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Re: First Trailer for "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" drops

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If I were Kenneth Branagh, I'd be a bit dissatisfied as having myself only mentioned as ''the director of THOR.'' (And HENRY V, DEAD AGAIN, MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN and SLEUTH, thank you very much.)
I get what you're saying, however, this films target audience isn't going to be familiar with his prior work. IMO the target audience is "action film fan who saw MI:4, Bourne 4 or Skyfall", is 15-30yrs olf, not necessarily the Clancy readership which likely skews a larger age range demo
Thor is recent and did well so it makes sense to relate them together.
"You liked Thor a couple years ago, try this, same guy"

Agreed. Who would be excited about an action/suspense movie if the director's previous work was "Henry V"?

"Man of Steel" credited Christopher Nolan as "The director of the dark Knight"

No mention of "Memento" or "Insomnia"

Just the movie that made 1 billion dollars at the box office.
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