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Re: 800th Episode - 2014 Christmas Special (Rumour's/Poss. Spoilers)

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Please, God, no gap year. It's been hard enough doing this half-season crap.
Indeed, I haven't felt we've had a proper doctor who season since 2008 with series 4. First that other year gap in 2009. In fact, there were only three episodes in 2009, with the Next Doctor in 2008 and the second End of Time on 2010.

Then there was series 5 in 2010. While that was a complete series, it never really concluded, and we had to wait until 2011 until we get and episode which feels more like a finale.

Oh yes, then there's series 6. A series which had two amazing first episodes, then we had a bunch of shit episodes and a great big fucking wait until the second half of the series, so we never got our fix. And that didn't particularly conclude well either. Plus only one classic villain in an underwhelming episode.

Series 7 part 1. Asylum of the Daleks was probably my biggest disappointment in my doctor who life as I thought it was definitely going to be of Smiths best. Classic Daleks returning, and they're all batshit bonkers in an asylum. Sounds great right? WRONG! Instead, we just got a very short episode which should have been two or even three parts, instead of every dalek ever, we just got a bunch of RTD daleks with a bit of rust, a few Moffat Daleks, and very brief cameos of older daleks. Plus this random planet that we never knew about. Then a few other underwhelming episodes later (accept Angels Take Manhattan), a half year gap! Or maybe even longer, I can't remember.

Then we got series 7 part 2 which lasted five seconds and had mainly bad episodes also with a very few exceptions.

Then we get two specials and then we have to wait about 8 fucking months to see the new doctor. Then there's talk of another year gap? They might as well just go and fucking cancel it as it feels a bit like it already has been. I want a series to feel full again. None of these "you'll have to wait until next year" shit, give us a series which starts it's own story and ends it. Fucks sake.
Fuckin' oath!

All this time between season murders the momentum of the series. Worse is that the majority of episodes we end up waiting for are dreck!

Long wait, then we get mainly shit. There are only a few decent episodes and then mainly shit. We get a good episode, then we have to repay by having three or four sit episodes. Some 50th anniversary this.
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Nigel Havers, the man who could have been Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager!

Actually, yes, Havers probably would have been a good choice at one time.

Yep, he's a rare breed. Older, but handsome. Would play a Jon Pertwee like doctor I imagine. Maybe a bit feistier and flirty though.
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And of course he almost married Sarah Jane in SJA.
And Capaldi killed his children in Torchwood, was a main character in Pompeii and even held the tenth doctors hand, oh and Colin Baker played Maxil who even shot the fifth doctor.
I wasn't implying that this disqualifies him from playing The Doctor, if that's what you're thinking. Merely pointing out his DW connection.
Oh, okay.
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