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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 Discussion Thread

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In fiction we can often assume that bad things, particularly terminally bad, won't happen to good people, but it is compelling when fiction mimcks real life where bad things often do happen to good people.
I wouldn't exactly call Eddie a good person. Apart from the things we learned about his past in this episode, he apparently had no qualms about being part of Nucky's criminal empire.

I'm unclear on what deal was cut in regard's to Eli's son. They arrested Clayton but what will keep him from telling the truth and thereby implying Eli's son in the accidental poisoning of that other kid?
But maybe we'll hear more about that in the upcoming episodes.
Eddie was aware of things but most of his time was as a valet, rather than an active participant so far as we know anyway. His jumping, whether he dies from the fall or not, is an act of someone not up to handling even the small time criminal life of a bag man.

As far as Willie and Clayton go, Willie might have gotten an immunity deal for his testimony. Clayton can say whatever he likes, but it is likely too late for the poor loser.
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