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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Walt managed to say goodbye to Holly; managed to provide for Junior; saved Skyler from Lydia and the Nazis; finally reconnected to Skyler by suddenly growing the balls to finally be honest; finally overcame his obsession with money by killing Jack Hitler; even reconciled with his son, albeit the surrogate, Jesse! About the only thing he didn't triumph at was beating cancer.
All of these things are just spun in positive way when there is equally a negative side.

- Walt had already said goodbye to Holly when he left her in the fire truck, but even still saying goodbye just acknowledged that he was going to die.
- While providing for Junior, Junior still hates Walt's guts and doesn't know the truth about him and that he didn't kill Hank.
- Skyler may have been saved from the Nazis and maybe even with the whole location of Hank's body, but it's still likely that she would be facing some legal troubles.
- Walt's reconnection with Skyler didn't mean much because it too little too late... everything in their body language conveyed that.
- Walt was obviously still obsessed over the money or he wouldn't have been going through the whole plan with Gretchen and Elliott. The only reason he didn't go after the rest of the money was to implicate himself and not his family. He was further building that legend of Heisenberg, which isn't exactly the honorable removal of obsession (although it doesn't exactly defeat the delusion theory either).
- His last meeting with Jesse I don't think qualifies as a reconciliation.

I think the whole idea that the finale is a delusion of Walt's is silly. It ignores all of the negative that is there and focuses purely on the positive. But there is plenty of negative.

And seriously, for every time that Walt got lucky in the show, if we questioned it every time as being a delusion, then that just defeats the whole purpose of the show.
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