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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

Watched the first couple episodes of season one last night with my son... Wow what a difference three seasons make...

I'm sure it's been talked about before, but I had forgotten that early on, the walkers seemed to still carry a slight sliver of sentience with them after they turned... When Morgan's wife tries the door knob (or even recognizes the house, for that matter), when the walker climbs a fence to get at Rick and Glenn; when Rick bails under the tank, walkers bend down on one knee to look for him rather than just dive right in... The recurring walker in episode one (IIRC, he's one of the comic writers, isn't he?) who is on the bus and uses his arms to pull himself up from his seat...

Now walkers are just cattle.. Mad for brains cattle...

And then of course, the transition time went from hours in season one to mere minutes in season three..

So My son and I discussed whether or not this was due to writing and direction, or if it's because the virus (or whatever it really is that's causing it) was new to our body's systems and we had the ability to fight it off a bit, early on before it took over completely..

We both agreed that the easy answer is writing/direction and plot convenience, but I guess a part of me deep down likes to believe that early on, our bodies tried to fight the change off..

Either way, I'm stoked for Season four.. Bring it!!
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