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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

Hank can be 'kind of a jerk' as we've seen him be throughout the show and he's not always the most attentive husband, but those are normal person flaws. Walt's flaws are 'Evil murderer sociopath' flaws. Big difference there.

I saw his decision not to tell the DEA as motivated by embarrassment and pride rather than vengeance. The only reason it was important to him to bring Walt in himself was because he had previously made Walt his confidant in his entire investigation and he didn't want to make that walk of shame.

It's true, Walt is not as evil as the Nazis. But he's equally evil as, say, Fring. And come to think of it, Jesse (Would have if not for Jack) beat Walt the same way Walt beat Fring. He found his emotional vulnerability that overrode his rational cleverness.
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