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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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The reason I liked the second half of Season 5 so much was that Walt and Hank were both super flawed people with their nice and dark sides. It was what made the show so tragic.
How was Hank "super flawed" and (with a ) dark (side). especially when you use those same terms to describe Walt?
If Hank truly was the Good Guy (TM), he'd have gone to the DEA with his information, his own career be damned. He decided to hold out for one reason, which not so coincidentally is the same reason Walt does what he does: pride. He wanted to be the one to bring him in and by trying to go Captain Ahab/Dr. Loomis and use Jesse to go after his money, he backed Walt into such a corner that he got the Nazis involved. If Hank had been more concerned with putting away a murderer rather than personally beating Walt, he and Steve Gomez would still be alive.
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