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Re: Do you like the Spock Prime "Phone a friend" scene?

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Did you think it was clever or did you think it was cheesy? Did it add to the film or did it completely take you out of it? Just a basic survey.
Did I enjoy the scene? Yes
Was I surprised to see it? Yes
Do I think the movie would've been fine without it? Yes
Did it take me out of the movie? No
Did I think Spock had a good send-off in the last movie (esp. with the narration of the original opening words)? Yes
Do I expect to see Nimoy in the next one? No
Do I think Nimoy and most everyone else involved liked the scene? Yes, esp. since I remember an interview where Nimoy said he didn't think he gave his best performance in his final scene with Quinto in the '09 film.

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Pure fan service. Would the writers have written a scene in which he contacts Prime-Spock about a bad guy called Nebulon or somthing?
Quinto's Spock may very well have contacted Nimoy's Spock about Nebulon in-universe, but since Prime Spock would have no info we (the audience) would not see that interaction as it would not be relevant.
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