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Re: Is "No Limits" essential NF?

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Should I read the "No Limits" anthology now or can I skip ahead to "Stone and Anvil" without any trouble? Does NL introduce any major characters or events into the NF universe, or is it non-essential fleshing out of character backstories?
Wow, really? Fleshing out of character backstories is "non-essential"?

Anyhow, it's all "non-essential" because it's fiction and therefore a luxury item. How-some-ever, the point of the anthology is to provide looks at the various characters (and, in one case, the ship) prior to the events of House of Cards, the lone exception being Peter's own story about Shelby and Calhoun's honeymoon.

But the anthology can be read any time, really, so you won't be missing anything "essential" if you skip to Stone and Anvil.
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