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Re: Sorry Johnny, your ship's too small...

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Basically the two larger end sizes are somewhat preposterous and even the Church 366m might be a bit problematic. Especially when we consider Kelvin is probably meant to have existed in the Prime Timeline as well.
Fits just fine to me, especially since the NuEnterprise's engine room is at least as big as the E-E's (even if its warp core is twenty times larger). I've been projecting the Enterprise at about 3,650,000m^3 which drops to about 2,260,000 just for habitable space (the nacelles are freaking huge). That would put her just slightly ahead of the Ambassador class in terms of useful volume, which -- being a much earlier design -- it almost certainly does not use as efficiently. In that sense the Ambassador makes a lot more sense as an eventual successor to the NuEnterprise than it does to the E-A.

It's also been brought to our collective attentions that the MSD for the Enterprise-E is painfully inaccurate and we should probably not take it at face value. In that case, we might as well stick with the dialog cues and assume a ship with at least 29 decks and then try to work out the length and volume accordingly. Like a lot of the Berman-era starships, the E-E has a pretty uniform distribution of window rows along MOST of the hull, so this could turn into yet another "Excelsior scaling thread" redux. Seeing how inconsistently the E-E has been scaled in all three of its movie appearances, I'm surprised this has never come up before...
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