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Re: 'Space Patrol Orion' West German 1966 TV series & ST:TOS

I'm resurrecting this 3 year old thread because I recently started watching that show again. It was difficult to find subtitles for it.

And here is what the show would have looked like in color, and I have to say: omg, that would have looked excellent.

Much more cinematic in comparison to TOS, in my opinion. Granted, these are probably promo stills, and not film footage. But I really love the color palette. And how great the sets looked when differently photographed.

The militaristic approach is a little off putting. This was a West German show, right? But it comes off as pretty East German.

Commander McLane is supposed to be a hotshot idiot like nuKirk, which I found extremely funny. In the first episode, he makes some maneuver against orders, just to prove something, and that is the reason he gets punished by being sent to the outermost regions of the territory for patrol duty. And he gets some sort of Stasi/Gestapo officer forced upon. And his reaction is to lie, to cheat and to scheme against her.

The show itself seems a lot more feminist than TOS, as they put female characters in a lot more prominent lead roles than TOS did. But at the same time, the Orion crew is a bunch of extremely sexist machos. The character names suggest internationality (just like in TOS), but the actors are all European. Maybe because unlike in the US, there were no African German or Asian German actors available.

I like the aspect that they only know one single alien species. Somehow to me that adds to the idea of the vastness and emptiness of space. The longer Trek run, the more crowded the universe became.

What I don't like is the militaristic shoot to kill approach. The aliens are hostile for no reason, and the Orion crew does not try once to talk to them.

The science is a lot worse than in TOS. Here the authors truly didn't give a shit about astronomy and physics. And the technobabble, as far as I can understand it, makes absolutely no sense. It's just a bunch of exotic/technological sounding words connected, but there is no meaning behind it.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.

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