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Re: Star Trek: To Boldly Go

David.Blue wrote: View Post
Why does it matter?
Because. Someone might be wrong. On the Internet. :P

Honestly, it's not that important, it's just an interesting question to kick around. And I know it's distracting from the main subject of the post, which I do have more to say about... so, sorry about that.

I can quit anytime. Just... I just need one more hit:

C.E. Evans wrote:
By 1977, when Star Trek: Phase II was in early development, the Enterprise name had become a household one connected with Trek.
So had Kirk, Bones, Spock and Scotty. TNG ultimately took off just fine without any of them -- occasional sprinkling of TOS cameos and guest appearances notwithstanding -- and was likely the better for it. I would basically put the name of the ship in the same category; it's essentially just another character, another familiar name from the old show, no more necessary than any other.

Okay. Leaving it there, I promise. I'm interested in the League concept and the overall arc of this idea and my next post (later on) will be about that.
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