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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

Nightingale is the one where Janeway laughs at him when he claims that if he was in the AQ he would already be a Commander by now.

The final scene loses a bit without the Wang Filter (It's called ACTING!) but...

NEELIX: Welcome home!
KIM: It's good to be back.
NEELIX: So, what'll it be tonight? I have a light tula cheese soufflé or a zesty lasagne.
KIM: You know, Neelix? The truth is, I'm not sure.
NEELIX: I thought we talked about this. A Captain has to be deci
KIM: I'm not a Captain, Neelix. Not yet, anyway.
Which basically translates to "Fuck you, I'm a child!" after you add his shit eating grin and how he skipped away from this conversation.

Which is silly, considering Harry here is the same age Riker was in Encounter at Farpoint.
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