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United Trek Story Archive

As there has been some interest lately in United Trek stories and the UT archive is still under construction I figured I posted some of the stuff we have archived here.

These are stories from the greatly talented United Trek writers, most originally posted here and now available to download as PDF files or as links to Ad Astra and TrekBBS.

Stories denoted as (n) novel, (na) novella, (nt) novelette or (ss) short story

Dark Territory
by DarKush

The stories of brash Starfleet officer Terrence Glover and the people in his life. Set predominantly in the 24th century, pre and post-Dominion War. Listed in chronological order and most available as PDF downloads.

- Last Stand (ss)
- Parasite Eve (nt)
- The Heart of the Matter (ss)
- The Crucible (n)
- The Needs of The One (n)
- Pride Goeth.… (nt)
- False Colors (nt)
- Gods and Monsters (ss)
- Dust to Dust (nt)
- Dancing with the Devil (na)
- Death Valley (ss)
- Maelstrom (n)
- Corruption of Blood (na)
- The Valley of Peace (n)
- Under the Shadows of Swords (n)
- For Good Men To Do Nothing (ss)
- Movements in Light and Shadow (vignettes)
- Objects at Rest (vignettes)
- Objects in Motion(vignettes)
- Fallout (n)
- Night Catches Us (ss)
- Refugee Crisis: Stealing Fire (n)
- Staring Into the Abyss (na)

more to come soon ...
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Now with a complete United Trek story archive.

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