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It shouldn't be a difficult concept.

Person A: This guy on the left is an officer. The guy on the right is not. What do we call them?

Person B: Officers!

How does that make sense? I'm sorry but that would only convolute things.
It doesn't seem to have confused people for the past 47 years.

It's just a case of one organization having a different general term for its personnel than another. As I said a few times in an earlier post, it doesn't preclude the discussion of specific ranks when called for.
I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I find the term "Starfleet Officers" as a catch all for everyone to be unecessarilly redundant, misleading and possibly disrespectful to the enlisted pesonnel.
It's definitely a case of having different opinions. I think Starfleet closely observes some things but plays fast and loose with other things.
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